Anglo-Indian curry

I couldn’t work out why this curry which I made on Thursday tasted so Anglo-Indian. Was it the lack of tomatoes (I put some but not enough?) Was it throwing yoghurt in at the end and eating with a commercial mango chutney? Certainly when I finished it off the next day with chapatti I added potato to it and I cooked peas as an accompaniment with kalonji, haldi, chilli powder and salt. Peas always make me feel it’s an Anglo-Indian meal especially mixed with rice.  Anyway eventually I worked it out – the first stage was rushed so that onions were not cooked enough resulting in a pleasant and comforting concoction which was half way between a curry and a casserole. The fresh ginger, however, would appear in the odd mouthful arguing against its Anglo-Indian nature.

Usually I take it as a compliment when people say this curry  – the way I make it – tastes like a quintessential Bengali curry. Anyhow, it is a classic North Indian dish, made according to the recipe. And I recommend it as such.


I’ll add on the recipe tomorrow. Sleep well!


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