Chicken Caesar Salad

IMG_2395A great classic.  I buy thigh fillets and grill them with a little olive oil. I found a Caesar salad dressing without anchovies so my son could have this as it was fish-free.


400g chicken thigh fillets (or chicken breast), cut into pieces and grilled

1 large Romain lettuce or two hearts of Romaine, cut up

200g bought croutons (or homemade)

Caesar salad dressing (Tesco Finest is fish free)

Gran Padano or Parmesan, shavings

Black pepper

For homemade croutons, I use half a French stick diced. I put a garlic clove in olive oil and add salt, pepper and dried basil. Toss the bread in flavoured oil and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes on a moderate heat (160C).